About Philanthropos

We connect people to causes and community by highlighting and rewarding the spirit of philanthropy in all of us.

What We Believe

Philanthropy is driven by individuals,
not just wealthy donors and large organizations.

Redefining Everyday Philanthropy

By helping to visualize and understand the impact of every charitable action and donation, we believe everyone will be more engaged, active and effective in their communities and in their social circles.
It doesn't take vast financial wealth to make a difference. We all contribute in our own way by sharing our Time, Talent, Treasure, or Ties.

What We Do

Philanthropos is committed to helping individuals and organizations make the most out of everyday charitable efforts.

Amplify Impact

That’s why we built the Philanthropi App – to give you the ability to track and share your gifts of:

  • Time & Talent. Volunteer hours and your expertise have tremendous value. We’ll help make it count.
  • Treasure. Whether your donations are large or small, we want to make it easy for you to keep track of them in one place.
  • Ties. Your social network is a powerful tool. We can help you activate it.

Now, everyone can be a philanthropist.


Stimulate Generosity

Philanthropos has built tools that help non-profits organizations to cultivate individual donations and stimulate social media engagement to rally supporters.

For corporations, we run employee & customer engagement campaigns to drive social responsibility programs. Philanthropos will also provide valuable corporate philanthropy programming.

Who We Are

The Philanthropos team is a purpose-driven group who have placed philanthropy at the core of their personal and professional lives.

Keith Leaphart

Founder & CEO
Dr. Keith Leaphart is an innovator whose parallel careers in medicine, business and philanthropy center upon one single mission: help as many people as possible, as often as possible. Dr. Leaphart’s work in medicine and entrepreneurship has granted him the nickname Philadelphia’s “Doctorpreneur”. 

Through his service as a board member and as current Chair of The Lenfest Foundation, Dr. Leaphart has a deep understanding of the philanthropic ecosystem; its advantages, and its most under-optimized assets. He believes everyday people, more than foundations or corporations, are the primary growth drivers for giving, and that traditional metrics for quantifying philanthropy can, and should, be disrupted.
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