Everyday Philanthropists

Philanthropos and Saxbys are proud to shine a light on Everyday Philanthropists. In 2018 we joined forces, raising awareness of philanthropic causes and activities.

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Meet Our Everyday Philanthropists

Nick Bayer,
Founder & CEO,

Emma Schweigert,
Student Cafe Executive Officer (SCEO),
Saxbys at La Salle University

Aviva Kapust,
Executive Director,
The Village of Arts and Humanities

Mo Manklang,
Communications Director
U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Alex Peay,
Founder & President
Rising Sons/Ones Up

Michael K. Pearson,
President & CEO
Union Packaging LLC

James Wright,
Director, Community, Economic, and Real Estate Development
People's Emergency Center (PEC)

Matthew Grande,
Principal of Impact
Shift Capital

Kathy Schlesinger,
Board Member, Communications Co-Chairman
Impact100 Philadelphia

Michelle Feldman,
Policy Director,
Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

Danielle Cohn,
Executive Director,
Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs
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