Impact100 Philadelphia
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Kathy Schlesinger, Impact100 Philadelphia Board Member, Communications Co-Chairman

What is your organization's mission statement?

Impact100 Philadelphia was inspired in 2008 by a growing trend in women’s collective giving. The simple premise is that a group of women pooling contributions can make a significant philanthropic impact in their community. Our members represent a mosaic of backgrounds, occupations, experiences, broad concerns, and individual interests.

We are professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, mothers, artists, students, and retirees who live in the Philadelphia and surrounding counties. Together, we learn about local needs and the nonprofits working to meet them. We research, discuss, and experience first-hand the vital work being done. At the end of each cycle, we vote to award high impact core mission grants to five organizations.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about your organization?

Impact100 Philadelphia partners with local nonprofits, to help them grow, not dictate how they should do their job. That’s why we offer core mission grants supporting the full organization's mission, instead of project-specific grants. 

How do you define impact in the work that your organization does? What community/s are you supporting?

We support local (five-county Philadelphia area plus Camden) nonprofits in five key areas: Health and Wellness, Family, Environment, Education, and Arts and Culture. In our first decade, we have awarded over $2,700,000.  You can learn more about our nonprofit partners here.

If you look at philanthropy as social currency - contributing not only dollars but time and talent, how does your organization spread the philanthropic love to other organizations?

Impact100 Philadelphia members participate in hands-on volunteer events throughout the year. Recent service initiatives include Philabundance, Broad Street Ministry, Bartram’s Garden and Cradles to Crayons. We have a Community Wish List and encourage our members to support local nonprofits with donations of goods, services and funds. Impact100 Philadelphia recognizes a responsibility to provide a philanthropic path for younger women, so we created sponsored fellowships and a lower initiation for young philanthropist memberships to encourage millennial participation.

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