Shift Capital
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Matthew Grande, Principal of Impact, Shift Capital

What is your company's mission or values statement?

Shift Capital invests in communities to create and preserve equitable opportunity and shared prosperity.

If you look at philanthropy as social currency - contributing not only dollars but time and talent, what does your company do to contribute to philanthropy and corporate social responsibility?

Social consciousness and responsibility is core to our mission and articulated through our Theory of Change. We look to increase long-term self-sufficiency, safety, prosperity, and quality of life for residents in underserved areas through better alignment of capital with holistic, thoughtful real estate development and services, and partnership and programming with city, community, and industry leaders.

Why is it important to your company to give back?

The work we do is about giving forward rather than giving back. We are driven by purpose and the people we serve. We develop strong foundations and pathways to opportunities for all residents and tenants. We help create safe and affordable housing, quality job opportunities, and community-needed amenities and services. All to build a healthy and prosperous community.

What’re 3 causes driving your work in 2019?

  • Creating inclusive communities.
  • Increasing financial stability.
  • Creating equal opportunities for all community members!

What advice would you give to a company who wants to make a difference, but isn’t sure where to start?

The best place to start is where you are.

Introduce yourself to your neighbor, learn about and celebrate their successes, understand and be empathetic to their challenges, show compassion to each other and your other neighbors, and find ways to work together for the greater good of your block, your neighborhood, and your City!

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