Rising Sons/Ones Up
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Alex Peay, Founder & President, Rising Sons/Ones Up

What is your organization's mission or values statement?

To build low-income communities to become self-sustainable and prosperous.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about your organization?

For the past 10 years, Rising Sons/Ones Up have focused on helping young men. Now, we are rebranding to become more inclusive to women and the LGBTQ community. We believe that by helping these individuals improve their economic conditions, they can go out and support the greater community.

How do you define impact in the work that your organization does? What community/s are you supporting?

North Philly is our target area. We measure impact through the people that go through our program and are later hired, further their education and/or start their own businesses.

If you look at philanthropy as social currency - contributing not only dollars but time and talent, how does your organization spread the philanthropic love to other organizations?

Rising Sons/Ones Up give individuals the tools and skillset to go out and directly improve their community. We also offer consultation services to other grassroots organizations focused mostly on the operations side. To us business skills are really important for organizations so by educating our peers, we're able to spread the love and wealth while watching other organizations grow.

Instead of the traditional funding mechanisms through grants we've found a new way of funding through partnerships with brands like Nike, Under Armor, Ford Motors, and universities to gain revenue. For these large-scale companies, it's leveraging your position as a nonprofit to connect them to the greater good and the funds that truly create an impact within the community.

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