It's The Season of Giving

Presented by Philanthropos, The Giving Company TM, in partnership with Saxbys,
The Season of Giving creates philanthropic opportunities for team members and
guests of all 22 Saxbys locations.

The Season of Giving kicked off on National Philanthropy Day – Thursday, November 15th – and continues through Monday, December 31st.

  • Saxbys team members will be the first to use the Philanthropi app, an entirely new tool to track their gifts of time, money, and social connectivity
  • Each Saxbys team selects a charity to support during the Season of Giving with a team activity
  • Saxbys encourages guests to support the chosen cause

We're proud to be teaming up with Saxbys to give people new tools to track their charitable efforts. And to turn them into something bigger.


Celebrating Everday Philanthropists

It’s no secret the term “philanthropist” carries certain connotations. Many think of philanthropists as the super-wealthy, making large monetary contributions. For us, philanthropy is more inclusive. And we know that everyday people are the real drivers of charitable activities:

  • Over half of Americans donate to charity every year
  • One in three Americans volunteer their time
  • 70% of the money donated to charity comes from individuals, not big corporations and foundations

That’s why Philanthropos and Saxbys are proud to shine a light on Everyday Philanthropists throughout this Season of Giving campaign. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter to stay up to date with our Everyday Philanthropist series. And don’t forget to visit your local Saxbys store to participate in the Season of Giving.

Everyday Philanthropists
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